Harambe Live: How to make an idea go viral

An event to teach businesses how to create viral content, while paying tribute to internet phenomenon of Harambe. Expect lots of memes.

Viral marketing lessons from the most important meme of 2016!
A one-off event happening in London on October 27th.


So you want to learn how to make your idea go viral?

We’re putting on an event to help businesses create viral products & content while deciphering how a single gorilla from an obscure zoo became immortal through the network effects of the internet.

It’ll teach you:

– A formula for reaching thousands of people a month on a budget of zero- The same we’ve used to get hundreds of thousands of visitors to our own sites

– How the Harambe meme spread, and how you can use learnings for your own startup, disseminate that idea on key social platforms and to influencers

– How to launch and manage a community of 5,000 people within three months

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