Intel Buzz Workshop London – 360 Live Stream



10:00 am
Opening & Registration
10:50 am
Welcome & Intro
by Florian Piroth, Marketing Manager at Intel

11:00 am
KEYNOTE My Life in Games
by Ed Fries, Co-founder, Xbox Project and Microsoft Game Studios

Ed Fries will talk about his history in games and tie it to major events in gaming over time, finishing with a discussion about diversity, game preservation and games as art. Talk followed by Q&A with Florian Piroth.
11:45 am
TALK The Future of Intel’s Graphic Performance Analyzer
by Leigh Davies, Senior Graphics Engineer, Intel

Intel’s Graphic Performance Analyzer is evolving the recent addition of support for DX12 is only the latest in a wide range of API’s and OS’s that GPA can be used to profile graphics on. This talk will introduce the basics of GPA together with some of the new additions for DX12.
12:15 pm
PANEL Having Fun and Keeping the Lights on: How to Design Great Games, While Keeping Your Business Afloat
Byron Atkinson-Jones, Director, Xiotex Studios
Attilio Carotenuto, Owner and Game Director, Himeki Games
Holly Gramazio, Game Designer
Nicoll Hunt, Head Honcho, I Fight Bears
Moderator: George Osborn

Designing games may seem like the dream job for a lot of people, but it can quickly turn into a bit of a nightmare if you’re not earning enough to pay your bills. In this panel, we’ll discuss how to design great games in the context of running a sustainable business. We’ll talk about creating ideas, deciding whether they are achievable and sharing top tips on ways you can increase your productivity or expand on what you’re doing without the costs mounting up.
1:00 pm
Lunch Break
2:00 pm
TALK VR Game Development and Cross Visual Platform Development
by Marco Colombo, Indie Game Developer

VR is booming and lots of technologies/products are growing around it. Marco Colombo will present advice to tackle that change in an effective and reliable way, with an emphasis on game development.
2:30 pm
TALK VR Interactive Session
by Will Eastcott, CEO & Co-founder, PlayCanvas

The key to mass adoption of VR will be accessibility. WebVR places engaging VR experiences on the end of a hyperlink with nothing to download and install. Will plans to generate some VR experiences in realtime that the audience can experience live.
3:00 pm
3:15 pm
TALK Introduction to Intel® RealSense and What it Brings to Games
by Nandkishor Sonar, Software Application Engineer, Intel

Natural, hands-free and seamless interactions are very important in games. This session will help to understand how Intel RealSense cameras and software SDK key features could bring potential values for games development.
3:45 pm
TALK Creating the Musical Identity & Style Of Your Game
by Penka Kouneva, Game Composer

Penka Kouneva will talk about the conceptual discussions between her and the developers, the workflow in music scoring, and the collaborative process on games such as Bloodborne, a Sci-fi indie game for iOS, and Prince of Persia.
4:15 pm
4:30 pm
PANEL Have We Been Teaching Players to Hate In-App Purchases? Smarter Ways to Generate Revenue and Still Make Better Games
Brian Baglow, Team Rock
Steve Stopps, Lumo Studios
Des Gayle, Altered Gene
Moderator: Oscar Clark, Evangelist, Everyplay & UnityAds, Unity Technologies

A recent study showed that pay-up-front is preferred to in-app purchases as a way of paying for games. This implies that buying inside a game you know is less attractive than buying one you don’t know yet. Does this mean we have been teaching players to hate in-app purchases? Join this session as we explore what this says about the state of the Industry and whether its possible to generate scalable revenue and still make better games.
5:15 pm
TALK Maximizing Locales and Managing Mobs: Strategies for Game Culturalization
by Kate Edwards, Executive Director, IGDA

Culturalization is the process by which content is adapted for a globally diverse audience with varying local expectations. With the use of many examples from her 20+ year career, Kate Edwards will discuss the challenges of combining content with culture and forging a career path across the divergent fields of geography and video game development.
6:00 pm
Developer Showcase
9:00 pm
End of the Event

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